Ajilla Foundation

International Women’s Day Keynote.


March 8, 2020: The keynote speaker for our 2020 International Women’s Day event was Lizette Williams. Marketing Executive. Culture & Branding Thought Leader. Motivational Speaker and Mentor. Lizette had a dynamic presentation titled “Remarkable: Becoming the Change You Wish To See” that was based on a famous quote by Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

3% Conference, Fireside Chat, “Making Brave Work.”


December 8, 2019: A discussion on bringing courageous leadership to corporate America through the eyes of a young, Afro-Latina corporate executive and mom of two… and how she has managed to change the face of advertising to reflect America today through her brave work in the industry.

LinkedIn “State of Marketing” Fireside Chat with Lizette Williams.


November 20, 2019: At the November edition of the LinkedIn Solutions Monthly Marketplace discussion we highlighted Lizette’s personal journey to her current role, navigating marketing at the speed of culture, understanding audiences to drive action and measuring what matters most.

Association of National Advertisers Multicultural Marketing & Diversity Conference.


November 7, 2019: A discussion on how McDonald’s is taking an innovative approach across their national marketing efforts… one that understands and reflects a diverse constituency of consumers from inception to launch, and focuses on elevating the brand to be culturally relevant.

CNN Business “The Table,” A Discussion About Keeping Iconic Brands Relevant.”


October 28, 2019:  Lizette Williams discusses the importance of keeping Iconic Brands Relevant by creating new avenues for consumers to engage with content.

Essence Festival E-Suite: “I See You, Sis: Developing Support Systems for Black Women in Leadership.”


July 6, 2019: Lizette Williams sat on a panel with a diverse group of change-makers and leaders to discuss the importance of having a support system for black women in leadership positions at the 2019 Essence Festival.

“So my advice to you in this room, as we’re building careers in the space, is to become one badass jockey. You’re in control of your own horse. Own it. Find your voice. Articulate it. And have a well-deserved seat at the table.”



Lizette Williams, Association of National Advertisers Multicultural

Marketing & Diversity Conference, 2019